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Overcharged Legal Fees

If you have received compensation for an accident claim and your solicitor deducted a percentage for legal fees before paying you, you may have been overcharged for legal fees. In many cases since 2013, personal injury solicitors have been taking too much in fees from clients’ damages and getting away with it.

We have built a proven track record in challenging these fees and recovering money back for our clients. We are proud to have pioneered this niche area of law and are here to help you if you think you may have been overcharged. Having already recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds for our clients, we would love to help you too.

Pension Compensation

Were you encouraged to transfer your pension to a new scheme resulting in you losing money? Feel like you have lost out due to bad advice?

You may have been mis-sold your pension. You’re not alone and we could help you get up to £375,000 back.

When it comes to something as important as your pension savings, we understand you may be nervous about seeking help, especially when you have had a bad experience in the past with a financial advisor. So when our clients choose to put their trust in us, we appreciate what a big step this is.