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We bring specialist legal expertise to the field of unfair compensation deductions and are pioneers in this niche area of law. Our team of experts work hard to help individuals who come to us because they have been treated unfairly by their previous solicitor.

We fight hard to get a fair deal for decent people and are proud of the expertise we have built in this area.

We take a fresh approach by making the process as easy as possible for our clients and offer a personal and professional service.

Been awarded compensation for an accident?

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On average we are recovering nearly £1000 per client

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If you've already received compensation for an accident but didn't get paid the full amount, we can help you get your money back.

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We are on your side and are ready to get you the justice you deserve. JG Solicitors is passionate about helping good people - we are here for you.

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On average we are recovering around £1000 per client

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