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On average we are recovering nearly £1000 per client

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If you have been awarded compensation for a personal injury claim and had money deducted from your damages by your solicitor, you may be entitled to money back.

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On average we are recovering nearly £1000 per client. Don't miss out.

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If you've already received compensation for an accident but didn't get paid the full amount, we can help you get your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve had compensation for an accident, but I’m not sure if my solicitor deducted any fees. Am I eligible?

If you’ve received compensation for an accident but you’re unsure about whether any deductions were taken then get in touch. We will request a copy of your file from your former solicitor and will review it for you. We will find out if your former solicitor made any deductions. If we think the deductions were taken unfairly then we will fight to get the money back for you. If we feel that the deductions were taken fairly then we will just explain this and won’t charge you for the work done.

My solicitor deducted money from my compensation but they told me that this was standard procedure. Can you get money back if I signed up to it?

One of our team of experts will review all of your documents and give you advice on whether the amount deducted was fair and in accordance with the agreement you signed with your solicitor.

How much will you get back for me?

Every case is different and until we’ve reviewed yours we won’t be able to say. However, we are currently recovering on average just under £1000 per client.

What types of accident claims do you deal with?

The most common type of case we see are clients who have received compensation for road traffic accidents. However, we can take on cases for clients who have had any type of claim. So if you’ve received damages for another type of accident that wasn’t your fault, maybe an accident at work for example, then get in touch. If your solicitor made a deduction from your damages, regardless of the type of accident, we will assess whether you have been charged correctly and will fight to get money back for you if we feel it is owed to you.

My accident happened a long time ago now, can I still claim?

If you instructed your former solicitor after April 2013, then we will be able to investigate your case. Please note that it is the date you signed up with your former solicitor that is important, not the date of your accident. If you signed up with your former solicitor before April 2013 then we regret that we cannot take your case on.

I have a personal injury claim ongoing but it hasn’t settled yet. Can you help?

We can’t help while your claim is still ongoing, but once it has settled, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to review it for you for free.

I don’t have time to go through another long, drawn out legal case. Is it worth the hassle?

It’s really no hassle at all. Once you’ve signed up with us we will do all the work for you. Many of our clients tell us how easy and quick the process was for them – read our testimonials above and see for yourself!